BeProg is a special messenger allowing users to communicate anonymously and securely. 

BeProg is organizing a community to unite people from different countries and nations, different professions and activities, different political views and religious beliefs around a single cause – the freedom of speech. Community projects will address issues of the freedom of speech and related challenges faced by an individual and the possibility of mitigating these issues by using BeProg messenger.

The community will become a co-owner of the project owning a part of the messenger's shares.


Maha Mamo Team

The Maha Mamo team is built by each one who believes in positive change and wants to be part of the solution and support for Stateless people and Statelessness. Our objective is to raise awareness and also educate about stateless people, to help stateless people in need, to serve as an advisor for organizations that deal with stateless people. 


United Africa

The United Africa community is created for long-term change activities in the countries of the African continent. The community is called upon to unite representatives across the continent to create a strong interaction between them. The main motivation for the participants should be the desire to be close to people who see the African continent as their home, where there should be peace and order.

+233 24 350 5758
Prince Busia Opoku


Unlock Edu is a sustainable library center. Through its technological resources, student-learners are able to supplement their school curriculums while building  literacy skills that support educational advancement. In short, Unlock Edu bridges educational gaps, providing resources to underserved communities and providing avenues to create a more robust learning environment. 

Prince Busia Opoku

Colombian Life Defenders Community

Colombian Life Defenders Community-ColDC, is an international community that wants to make life safer for Human Rights Defenders, Social Leaders as well as all Colombians. It was formed in response to the killings and violent acts towards Human Rights Defenders, Social Leaders, alongside those defending land, environmental, and indigenous peoples’ rights in the country.

The Green Dot Project

The Green Dot Project aims to encourage the youth to have a more sustainable lifestyle. We promote minimalism, recycling, ditching single use products and packaging. Our mission is to build an environmental action group to raise awareness and educate the youth about ways of sustainable lifestyle. Our vision is to inspire people to share resources and take actions towards sustainable Lifestyle.

Krystian Bielamowicz

Everyday Racism Project

Everyday Racism Project's mission is to document the everyday experiences of racism faced by millions around the world and to provide proactive solutions to educate, inform and inspire a long lasting change.


Colombia Feels Like Home

Share your Colombian experiences with us and we can re-create the story of Colombia together.



Parallel Iran’s mission is to end the cycle of inequality in the rural areas of Iran. Parallel Iran’s vision is to inspire everyone to get involved in creating positive change for others. Join us!



Birds' voice is a community that supports and inspires solo female travellers. By sharing content to inspire women on their next adventure, as well as tips and advice on how to stay safe, women will be both prepared and energised for their next trip! Birds' Voice also share women's stories of their real travel experiences and invite you to do the same. The name Birds' Voice represents empowering women (birds) to have a voice.

Jéli Lopez


In 2007 a group of human trafficking survivors came together to create a special organisation to protect human trafficking survivors, ran by survivors. The name SASANE means let’s protect ourselves. SASANE’s vision is to empower each survivor with the skills, knowledge and self-esteem to reach their full potential and their mission is to end the physical and sexual exploitation of women and girls.



Children’s nest is a page dedicated to supporting unaccompanied minors in Greece. Many of these children arrive from Syria having lost their families and are extremely vulnerable. Children’s nest brings together communities working towards the same goal of empowering these young people towards a brighter future.

Thessaloniki, Greece<br>Contact: Konstantinos Efremides


Kapcsolodjbeteis is a Hungarian based community ran by open-minded young people who want to break down social barriers with the aim of improving connection and human interaction in their local area. They provide workshops and to increase knowledge and arrange interactions to increase empathy. Examples could be people affected by addictions, homelessness or disabilities.