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Freenity is a platform designed to create social impact. Freenity connects like-minded people to form a community driven by the same passion to create change.

As an example, you come across a Sri Lankan man who is busy clearing plastic from the ocean. He is doing the best he can but has no resources to grow and you really want to support him to be able to make even more of a difference. Using Freenity you are able to get a page designed for him and have the freedom to add content to raise awareness of the work he is doing and gain more supporters.

The technology has translation, so posts and news can be read in other languages, meaning you can reach more people and raise wider awareness. The page is customised to suit the style of the community. For communities that are unable to create their own content, digital volunteers can be on hand. The community will own their page therefor they have the freedom to choose exactly what goes on to their page.

freenitynews - our Instagram
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Freenity has been created to support ideas and communities all over the world. Our volunteers will create a unique resource by transferring their best knowledge in design, technology, journalism and promotion for your idea.

In order to get our support, contact us through Whatsapp on +44 7367 124707 or e-mail freenity@freenity.info


Parallel Iran

Parallel Iran’s mission is to end the cycle of inequality in the rural areas of Iran. Parallel Iran’s vision is to inspire everyone to get involved in creating positive change for others. Join us!
Hatefehmajidi@gmail.com (Hatefeh Majidi)


Birds' voice is a community that supports and inspires solo female travellers. By sharing content to inspire women on their next adventure, as well as tips and advice on how to stay safe, women will be both prepared and energised for their next trip! Birds' Voice also share women's stories of their real travel experiences and invite you to do the same. The name Birds' Voice represents empowering women (birds) to have a voice.
naminhaviagem - Jéli Lopez
In 2007 a group of human trafficking survivors came together to create a special organisation to protect human trafficking survivors, ran by survivors. The name SASANE means let’s protect ourselves. SASANE’s vision is to empower each survivor with the skills, knowledge and self-esteem to reach their full potential and their mission is to end the physical and sexual exploitation of women and girls.



Freenity technology enables everyone to contribute to the creation of interesting posts, ideas and content, for communities around the world. Here, no special knowledge is needed, only the desire to help is required. Set aside an hour a week for digital volunteering, and your efforts will merge with other volunteers. You can work on issues you are most passionate about and together create the positive change you would like to see in the world. Team coordinators are always ready to help you.

Moreover, if you have professional skills e.g. you are a journalist, writer or copywriter, communities would really benefit and appreciate your professional help.

Coordinator Contact Number: +44 652 65 56

Last news:
6 July , 2020

Thanks to the experiences we live in each camp, we improve our knowledge in a variety of topics as worldwide situations, cultural scene and general information.

But also, we are aware about this vast world and its wide richness that we don't know already.

Therefore, the topic for our Camp36 is choosen and we are getting ready to start.

What is granted is that, we will have a lot of fun, flow of knowledge and of course, coffee.

6 July , 2020

Freenity is growing every day in the same way as our projects and its impact.

We want to strengthing our non-profit network working close with you, as participant of our digital camps or as volunteer.

If you want to help communities sharing your passions,take a look at our presentation with our current projects, then you could help us sharing your skills.

Feel free to contact us, we will be glad to have you on board and connect you with the members of this amazing international team.

Content Community.pdf
27 June, 2020

Our camp35 is close to end, and there are infinite experiences to share, remember and keep in our hearts.

How magic is the technology that allows us to connect unknown people from diferent parts of the world with to the same goal to help and have fun.

Well, the objective is achieved.

Thanks to the project we cleared up cultural misstatements and we learned about our cultures trough music, dance and games.

We definitely have a better project today, and much better than that, are the new and valuable relationships we attain since today.

27 June, 2020

Every Day Racism project came to Freenity at the right moment and it isn't just because of recent situations.

Actually, the project has confirmed that discrimination is a human behaviour issue when differences are seent to be negative.

That is to say, that racism, machism, xenofoby, and other exclutions, are the result of a minority of people feeling they have the right to exclude.

Freenity and EVR project want to inspire you to take a look at yourself and be aware of what you are doing to build positive communities and face challenges together.

17 June, 2020

This is your opportunity to become a volunteer in your professional field, and our platform is the best place to connect your skills with good causes. This is your chance to support worldwide communities from the confort of your house.

17 June, 2020

We are happy to increase the projects and communities we support, and thanks to that we need more professionals to join us. This is your opportunity to use your skills in good causes. Become a volunteer and be a part of the team!

11 June, 2020

We are glad to expand our media and network through various platforms.

Freenity is now taking Linkedin to show our work, projects and looking to continue to grow this amazing network of volunteers working to make change.

Link us and be a part of the team!

11 June, 2020

Freenity is the place you can make a big impact sharing your skills with people that really need its.

We present you diferent ways to be a volunteer and you just have to take the desition.

Don't think about it much and join us!

3 June, 2020
Did you do all the free courses, tutorials, and trips now online available, and do you still having time for something else?

We're always looking for new members to join our community. And now you can help us change the world without traveling or leaving home. Join us in the next online camp, it begins on June 14th.
27 May, 2020
Our first remote camp is over, participants from France, Slovenia, and Russia joint our team from Malta and Finland for 10 days.

We meet new people, did plenty of activities together, and learned new skills to improve our projects.

If it sounds good for you and do you have some skills to share, then be a part of the community and live this new experience staying at home.
10 April, 2020
Finding yourself at home with extra time on your hands? Do you want to turn that time into an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world? You can join us as a content creator and support a community to grow and in turn create more social impact, all without the need for travel!
12 March, 2020
We welcome everyone to join us as a content creator. Supporting communities you are passionate about is made easy. You find interesting content and share the links, while the technology behind Freenity translates it, to reach a wider audience all over the world! You also have the opportunity to create your own original content for your chosen community.
24 November, 2019
Why would community choose us?
Its the dream of not just connecting everyone together but also bring positive changes through it. This is what we need to show to communities. Our vision is to see what we can do when we bring communities together and they make their own decision and not dependent upon big corporations for their information or news so much. Once they have the same tool it will help them in future to connect with each other to enforce positive changes in the society.

They will choose us for following reasons :
1. Its free to start with
2. They have IT experts to help customize the news platform
3. Freenity will provide them with consulting for setting up the news process while they find their way in this new journey
4. They have the freedom to share their own news
5. They have control of their own news
6. They will be able to check the authenticity of the news
7. They will be able to analyze the issues and see pattern of various negative things happening around them and hopefully this will lead to some actions

Its just a start once implemented it will take its own shape and life in future. Its the idea we create and start with.

Freenity purposely uses simple coding to make it user friendly. This means beginners can use it to create their resources. Following the same principles, we are developing a template application for communities. We have also created an easy to use design template in order to save time in this already busy world.

Our intention behind the Freenity technology and designs is to allow communities to create their webpage as easily and quickly as possible so they can begin to raise awareness of the issue they want to resolve.

We are reaching out to professionals to participate in code development, design development and supporting ideas around the world.

Last news:
5 July, 2020
We are developing the shop section for the family of Freenity websites. It will provide administrators an easy way to sell their own products and receive payment. This will help them develop their activities.
4 July, 2020
In the near future we will present a messenger inside our websites. Registered users will be able to communicate with the community administration and with each other, as well as create groups for different tasks.
3 June, 2020
We have been working on the logo for next-chapter.com for the past week. Our designers generated many ideas - now you can see how the logo is created.

Such a task requires attention to a lot of nuances - shape, line thickness, color content. We also expanded the globe to see Colombia - Maria Jose from there.
3 June, 2020
The completion of the design of the template application.

The task of UX design is to make a convenient template that will simply be adapted to the needs of communities.
3 June, 2020
We have implemented a new feature which allows the community administration to create categories for a convenient way of organising posts.

Categories are created in the administrative control panel of the community web page and are available for content creators to make a post.

Now categories work for
and other community pages.
2 June, 2020
Posts will be loaded into the section and the editor will be able to choose what he considers necessary to publish. Thus, the AI editor is trained in the selection of the necessary information.
10 April, 2020
Two innovations in Freenity: Special posts - visually highlighted posts from the standard posts in the feed. Suggested posts - community members or visitors can offer web page editors their posts.
9 March, 2020
We are working hard on the design and functionality of the future application template. We are trying to make it as easy as possible to keep it very user friendly.
16 February, 2020
What are you looking forward to in 2020? The Freenity app is currently being designed and we are really excited that it will be launched in 2020! Watch this space and stay tuned to find out more.

In order to best support the communities, their webpage requires innovative promotion and advertising. We invite marketers, SMM managers, PR specialists and people with ideas to join community teams. Digital Volunteering gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge, to support the communities you are passionate about.

Last news:
5 July , 2020

We're visiting Colombia without leaving home for our next camp. 12 days of online camp can make a big difference to the world and we want you to be a part of this. Enroll today!

5 July , 2020

Our next online camp is now on the works! We're happy to share we have a central theme now and will be posting more info within the next few days. For now, here's a hint. Can't wait for you all to know the details!

28 June , 2020

Camp 35 concludes this week! We'd like to take this chance to thank all of our new Freneity community members who helped us tackle the glocal racism issue giving birth to the Everyday Racism Project. Keep watching this space for more info soon!

27 June , 2020

Our volunteers are living proof that not even a global pandemic can stop those who want to change the world.

Camp 35 is over, but Camp 36 is just around the corner and you could be a participant!

Have an idea to change the world for the better? Want to meet like-minded people from around the world? This is your chance.

17 June, 2020

Online camps are proof that no lockdown is bigger than great ideas and intentions to change the world.

We're currently working hard, each one of us from home. And we will be presenting you with our progress in this space. We'd also like to invite you to join us in the future! There's a lot you can do for this world. let's work together.

17 June, 2020

We start to run a new online camp and that make us more than happy to come back to our activities together. In the morning we started with some exercise, then we did a short meditation and later we had online breakfast. At the evening the guys had the introduction to Freenity platform and the new project. Our new group is amazing, full of new and fresh vibes and we are getting ready to work!

8 June, 2020

This is what a group of world-changing people looks like. Our digital volunteers are the blood of our operations even in this peculiar time when travel is restricted.

We all want to go back to traditional camps, but our labor cannot stop. Countries are already easing up their movement restrictions so we're hoping we can give you some good news really soon. Meanwhile, why don't you help us as a digital volunteer?

8 June, 2020

Next Virtual Camp starts in just a few days! June 14th marks the date of the beginning of a new online camp to discuss world-changing ideas that support communities around the globe, to interact with like-minded people and to have a good time while doing all of this.

There's still time to join. Apply on www.freenity.info/camps and be a digital volunteer without the need of travel.

2 June, 2020

Thanks to technology we're able to continue operation through the implementation of online camps for volunteers. But how do they contribute from different parts of the world?

We give them a brief introduction of the platform and our goals. After that, they work, communicate with each other, implement ideas and come up with solutions we all discuss.

It's a challenge! Communication issues, time zone gaps and other issues stand in our way. But we overcome all those and are really proud of the contribution our volunteers are making even during these unusual times.

What will they come up next? It won't be long before we find out.
29 May, 2020
We're always looking for people with a strong desire to change the world for the better. But we're not always clear about this: no matter your field, you can contribute too.

Content creation, PR, programming, journalism... If you're a person with a strong passion about something you have a place in one of our camps or projects.

Our goal is to support communities and that support takes a lot of interdisciplinary knowledge. So if you feel you're a good fit why don't you reach out? We're waiting for you!
3 April, 2020
How can Freenity volunteers help you?
Our volunteers want to contribute to community development. From the first stage, our volunteers will solve all the technical issues, coordinate and develop the design, help you with the content and support for informational activity, promotion and advertising. For us, this is an opportunity to apply our knowledge in the matter that we consider important to society.

Why do we do this?
We want to contribute to helping communities change the world for better. We want to bring together specialists from various fields - design, programming, journalism and provide them with the opportunity to contribute to the development of world-changing communities. We know that for this we need a new and independent tool - that is Freenity.
2 March, 2020
Freenity allows administrators and authors from your community to share links to various resources (example:from websites, videos to your friends' posts) in a new, clean and understandable form. Users from different countries see these articles right away in their own language. You form your own news in a convenient form and completely control your site, authors and publications.

Freenity is not just about technology - difficult questions of registering your own site, personalizing the design of your page, and placing the site are solved by our volunteers, who provide full support. As a result, you will get your own website with effective technologies that will significantly expand the audience of your community.
20 January, 2020
Why would community choose us?
Its the dream of not just connecting everyone together but also bring positive changes through it. This is what we need to show to communities. Our vision is to see what we can do when we bring communities together and they make their own decision and not dependent upon big corporations for their information or news so much. Once they have the same tool it will help them in future to connect with each other to enforce positive changes in the society.

They will choose us for following reasons :
1. Its free to start with
2. They have IT experts to help customize the news platform
3. Freenity will provide them with consulting for setting up the news process while they find their way in this new journey
4. They have the freedom to share their own news
5. They have control of their own news
6. They will be able to check the authenticity of the news
7. They will be able to analyze the issues and see pattern of various negative things happening around them and hopefully this will lead to some actions

Its just a start once implemented it will take its own shape and life in future. Its the idea we create and start with.
20 September , 2019
Why Freenity?

Current situation:
In today’s world with technology at our doorstep we have a lot of information. Along with so much information we also have a lot of news shared at all time including 24 hours news channels. Due to this much access to information people are bombarded with news that are not always true either. In old times we were more concerned about the news around us in the local area and we could focus on it more at personal level and were able to think and feel.
Issues with this situation today:
Now people have become desensitized with all the news overload and sometimes we are not even sure if the news is true or not. People hear about a disaster in the distance part of the country or even another country but before they can react there is another news already there. People have no time to stop and think about what they hear on news.

What do we want:
We want people to stop and think when they read a piece of new and not just move on from one news to another and pretend it’s none of our concern.
We want people to take action and maybe try and solve some of the issues by analysing at local or global level.
We want people to care.

How will we do it:
Instead of a big corporation creating and providing it at mass production level with sole autonomy, we want to give people control of their news. This will be done by providing them with a platform to share their news true to the source and care about the issues shared within community close to them. This will give communities more control to their news and give the power back to the people.

We tried to unify the creation of the design for a Freenity website as much as possible. A simple website template consisting of several sections allows you to quickly create a design for a community, person or idea. All work is carried out in the Figma program (Figma.com), which allows programmers to easily add the design to the web page template.

But simplicity does not mean a lack of creativity, we try to make the design of each site with maximum creative impact, as our designers create their work by sharing the goals and objectives of the communities they help.

Join us as a digital volunteer for design, a lot of teams all over the world are waiting for you!

Last news:
27 June , 2020

As you can see there has been many creative ideas behind the design of the logo. We are pleased to have so much talent in the team and so many options to choose from. The black and yellow circle logo was the final choice due to it's bold colours.

27 June , 2020

The Freenity tech team have created designs for the webpage, presenting the design on figma for the community to have a visual and provide feedback on any changes they may want before the final webpage is set up.

9 June , 2020

We'd like to share a few design jobs we've been working on lately:

Parallel Iran is aims to share the cultural richness behind the villages in Iran and engage people to learn more about this fascinating country. Parallel Iran shares a dimension of Iran that is unknown, but parallel to the typical information shared about Iran.


Parallel Iran

Birds’ voice aims to support, inspire and empower all women who are traveling alone. Through various content, we are preparing them for their solo travel.


Birds’ voice
10 June , 2020

Here are some more design updates on the communities we're supporting and working with:

Nxt Chapter represents a new start, on this page you’ll find different resources to use your time positively. Despite the events, we work as one team driven by the same goal: to stop thinking as one individual but instead to create a collective consciousness. It is the time to see the bigger picture.


Nxt Chapter

SASANE is a survivor-led organization, established in 2008, that means “Let’s protect ourselves”. It is under the founding principle that women survivors of human trafficking have immense potential to combat the exploitation of Nepalese women and girls and to create social change. SASANE’s mission is to end the physical and sexual exploitation of young girls in Nepal.




You can now order your personal application from the Freenity community. At a cost of only 300 euros - the best designers, developers and managers of our community will work for you. The result is your own app, on the App store and Google Play — customized for your needs. Our editors will be happy to work on content for your App on an everyday basis for a small monthly fee.

The money you spend on the application will go towards the development of Freenity, this means you will also be supporting us to help more communities around the world.



In order to create the Freenity community, we run camps in Malta. These camps will run throughout the whole of 2020, in a villa we have rented especially for this.

Each camp lasts 3 weeks, during which the participants become a team. They learn how to use the technology behind Freenity and create their own projects to support communities around the world. People with a wide variety of skills are invited to the camp - content creation, design, programming, etc. The most important thing is that you want to create a positive change and help communities around the world.

Submit your application for participation - and join us.

Nearest camps:

Camp #36 (online)

JULY 11 - 23

Camp #37 (online)

JULY 25 -



Claudia Molina
Community administrator
Ilia Aleksandrov
Viktoriya Rodina
Valentini Argyropoulou
Camp coordinator and Recruiter
Konstantinos Efremides
Childrens Nest coordinator
Maria Palacio
Content coordinator