Planet earth is now in a critical state of emergency. We can no longer ignore the clear warning signs the world has been communicating with us through global warming, natural disasters and the loss of species which impacts our eco-system.

Humans have exploited land and seas for personal profit, without consideration for the impact on our planet, our environment, our lives, the lives of future generations and countless species. If we continue with our current behaviours, the future looks like hell on Earth. Can’t imagine what that might look like? Watch David Attenborough’s documentary on Netflix https://www.netflix.com/mt/title/80216393. You will see the destructive journey our planet has endured over the past 90 years, at the hands of humans, as well as the grim future which awaits us should we continue on the same path.

Immediate action must be taken to prevent further damage.

On a positive note, there are many people, communities, organisations and projects who care deeply about our world and want to protect it and create positive change through creativity, collaboration and innovation. There are many new initiatives that have carried out research to understand the root of the various existing problems and are then well equipped to create solutions. Such solutions include renewable energy, tree plantation, sustainable plastic alternatives, organic products and volunteer clean ups.

We are calling everyone who is passionate about creating solutions which have a positive impact on our environment. We want to build a community where we will share the environmentally related topics that touch us the most as well as any initiatives or ideas we are interested in.

The goal of the community is to raise awareness and inspire others to become conscious of existing issues and at the same time empower them with the knowledge of action they can take to make a difference. We can all share, learn, develop and grow from each other and collectively create more impact.

If you are passionate about protecting the environment and want to meet interesting people who share the same goal, this is the camp for you, together we can create a solution. Expect a mix of team building activities and project development activities where you will have fun and purpose. The camp will run for five weeks (2 days per week, 2 hours a day). Share your skills and learn from others while you connect with others and have fun. You will also become a part of the continually expanding international Freenity community!

The camp will be held online from November 17th to December 18th, 2020. You can apply until November 16th using the apply button below.



Freenity's goal is to empower communities to grow and have a greater impact on the world. Together we can create a better future. We look forward to hearing from you!

November 17th to December 18th, 2020



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Project Leader

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